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Right Shoulder pain causes and related symptoms. There can be many causes of pain in the right shoulder and it can be related to other symptoms in the body. Pain in left shoulder is included as one of the symptoms of heart attack. But, if any pain is a symptom of a disease that is affecting the heart, there can be more than one symptoms simultaneously. Mild shoulder pain can occur because of stress and overworking. Another common cause of pain in right shoulder is numbness in the shoulder. This can be caused due to sleeping position.Muscular spasm also causes pain. However if the pain is not mild , then these can be the causes of right shoulder pain.

  • Symptom of a Liver Disease : Pain in the right shoulder can be a symptom of a liver disease. The liver is a very big and heavy organ which is just below the rib cage. Any liver disease like hepatitis can cause sharp pain in the right side of abdomen or in the back near the shoulder blades. Some people find it difficult to bend even a little because of the pain. The reason why pain occurs in the right shoulder is because the pain due to liver problem radiates. Any liver problem is mostly impacting on the digestion process also.
  • Symptom of Gall Bladder disease : Pain under the right shoulder blade may be because of a gall bladder problem like gallstones. This pain is mostly sharp and it radiates out from a main point. Gallbladder is a small organ near the liver which can get clogged by the formation of gall stones. They obstruct the flow of bile ( a digestive enzyme ), which causes digestion problems.
  • Injury : Knowingly or unknowingly, you may injure your shoulder. An injury to the shoulder muscles at the front, back and side also can cause severe pain. Injuries affect tendons, ligaments and muscles. It can limit motion in the shoulder or even completely limit motion. The shoulder is a very movable joint and injury can impact it badly. However most pain due to injury, sprain or strain can be relieved by applying ice or heat treatment and rest. But if your pain does not go away, then you should go to a doctor. Sometimes the shoulder joint gets dislocated because of impact with something. Shoulder dislocation can cause excruciating pain and medical help must be sought quickly. Sportsperson like cricketers, hockey players and rugby players generally get shoulder pain because of the nature of their sport. Bowlers in cricket work out the shoulder a lot and there is high chance of injury.
  • Arthritis : This is a disease that affects joints of the body. Arthritis can be the cause of pain in right shoulder. It causes pain the joint, makes the bone weak and the person is unable to lift weight. Arthritis reduces the range of motion of the shoulder. Elderly people are more prone to such a disease than young people.
  • Rotator Cuff disorder also cause shoulder pain. it is a set of muscles that make the shoulder stable and powerful. It is such a pain that it affects even simple movements of the hands like picking something up, combing hair etc.

People who experience stress at work and have to work in sitting pose for long hours can develop shoulder pain, neck pain and back pain. Some people have a different kind of shoulder pain which occurs rhythmic to breathing . Having chest pain along with shoulder pain is a serious matter. If you have shoulder pain that is affecting your sleep or if it is more than mild pain then you should consult a doctor.

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