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Skylight Shades, Blinds, Covers And Tubular Installation. Skylights are roof windows. They are installed at the roofs to transmit sunlight down inside the house. Skylights have been used since ancient times to light up buildings during daytime. The installation of skylights requires knowledge of the path of sun at that location throughout the year so that direct sunlight glaze does not trouble the inhabitants. Modern homes have highly efficient skylights. They are set up for reducing the lighting costs in homes and buildings. It is environmentally safe and saves electricity. It makes a building more energy efficient.

There are many types of skylights that can be installed on site depending on the requirement and preference.

  • Skylight blinds and shades : One can control the size of opening using a mechanical handle or using an electronic switch. Electronic blinds are motorized.
  • Skylight domes : The skylight is installed in the shape of a doom. This looks pretty cool from the outside.
  • TDD : These are tubular daylight devices, also known as tubular skylights. These have dome tops and then a tunnel or a tube. The direct sunlight falling on each dome is diffused through the tunnel. Finally, the light entering the room is of much less intensity. These are often the most preferred form of day lighting used in homes and buildings. It is efficient and has the least glare. TDDs are versatile and can be used for many different types of day lighting purposes in common homes, skyscrapers.
  • Skylight covers : These are covered skylights. The covers can be lifted when needed and sunlight will pour in.

Sunlight installation : It can be installed during the initial home construction or even afterwards. Skylights of various types are made by many manufacturers around the globe. They can be attached to the roof.

Benefits of skylights for children and adults : Numerous studies have been conducted to find out the possible health benefits of skylights.

  • Having sunlight can boost mental cognition and ability. In business environments, it improves the productivity and alertness of the workforce. It is not a specific conclusion but just an inference.
  • It is more environment friendly form of lighting. It saves electricity regularly which converts into savings of lot of money. Over the course of a few decades, the total sum of savings is considerable.
  • These lights can also be engineered to contribute to the heating and ventilation processed in the house.
  • In areas of intense sunlight during summer, sunlight reflectors are installed which reflect excess sunlight. They only allow some amount of sunlight to pass through. Large reflectors drive away the excess sunlight and building is kept cool.
  • This is a simple and efficient technology.
  • One can see the stars and the moon at night, which is great. It provides a window for night star gazing and even allow moonlight to enter the room. This way, it creates a beautiful environment in the upper quarters of a house.

In modern skylights, the glass used is engineered to be able to become transparent as well as opaque. They can control their degree of opaqueness and are called smart glass.

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