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Spiral Perm hairstyles, curls and tips to get one. Perming is a technique to give you wavy, voluminous hair which look fabulous. The proper name for perm is Permanent Wave and it is quite popular. There are two main types of perms – Regular perms and Spiral perms. Regular perms are done to give a broad wavy nature to your hair whereas spiral perms are given to produce a corkscrew or helical kind of hairstyle. Spiral perms are exceedingly popular and they give you a distinctive look.

Perms are a way to add glamor and style to your hair. Most of the time, there are not many hairstyle options for straight hair. The styles seem to be redundant and you feel like to make some change to how your hair looks. Then you grab a look at some of the pictures of actresses of the 1980s and you see perms right there. These glowing photographs urge you to get your hair done in that way. However, perms can cause you some trouble. For some types of hair, a perm treatment is not recommended because perming involves the use of chemicals which are not suited for everyone.

Steps to get a Spiral Perm ? The process to get a spiral perm done is somewhat time taking. You also need to do some preparations before a spiral perm treatment, so that your hair receives the treatment well.

  • Spiral perm are tough to make. Ask the salon if they have someone who is good at making perms. You can also ask your friends about the best hair stylists around.
  • Before getting your hair permed up, ask your hair stylist if your hair is suited to such a powerful treatment. The hair stylist needs to know about what all you have done to your hair in the past. If you have used hair dye recently, then that has to fade out. If you perform perming on already treated hair, your hair may get damaged. So, it is better to stay aware.
  • Hair that is too thin, brittle and prone to damage should be avoided from perm treatment. After you have confirmed that spiral perms can be done on your hair, select a single photograph from which the style can be copied. It helps the stylist to get on with the job without any doubts or lack of ideas.
  • Spiral perming takes about 2 hours to complete and the waves unfold after around a day . You have to stay patient and not fret as it takes time for hair to get into spiral perm shape.

After the hair have wound themselves into a shining, curly shape, you can just watch and adore your hair. Spiral perms can last for around 6 months or even longer. They can help you to showcase voluminous hair, with brilliant spiral curves and radiating color. This makeover can boost your confidence and turn heads around.

There are many types of spiral perms viz. Loose , Tight, Partial, Complete, Short and Long. Perms are made with the help of rods and rollers. The radius of the rolls and the tension that is applied to the hair determines how short and tight your curls are going to be.

How to do spiral perms at home ? This technique requires the use of cosmetics and chemicals. It is difficult and skillful work. You can get this done at home as well, if someone who is skilled can do it for you. The cost of getting spiral perms done depend on the quality and expertise of the hair stylist that you hire.

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