Spleen Pain Location, Symptoms and Causes

Spleen Pain Location, Symptoms and Causes. This is a very peculiar kind of pain. Spleen is an important organ of the body which is part of the lymphatic system. This system is an entire network of vessels and nodes through which the lymph flows. Our lymph is a circulatory fluid, just like blood and it performs a lot of functions. The spleen is a medium sized organ which performs many functions. Spleen pain may be mild, but it can be an indication of a serious medical condition.

Spleen Pain Symptoms and Location : Spleen pain may be typically felt at the left side of the abdomen. It occurs in the upper left side and slightly towards the back. Sometimes, this pain may also radiate towards the shoulder. It may be difficult to detect such a pain early on, but you can get a sign through these symptoms that may accompany a spleen pain.

  • Spleen pain may get worse when you take a deep breath. This should be a sign to you that the pain you are experiencing is probably spleen pain. It is an emergency condition and one should visit the doctor promptly.
  • Fever may be accompanied with pain in spleen area. Chills can also be felt along with fever.
  • Other symptoms of spleen problem are fatigue, restlessness and inability to eat a heavy meal. There can be a higher sense of discomfort.
  • Spleen problems can make a person more susceptible to infections. So, you may be falling sick on a more frequent interval which could be because of spleen illness.
  • Night sweats are a symptom of many diseases and one of them is spleen illness.

What causes Spleen Pain ? There are some diseases that can cause spleen pain.

Spleen Enlargement : This problem is the most common cause of spleen pain. The spleen become overactive and it may grow in size. This can happen because of many reasons. A spleen enlargement can be detected using imaging techniques. Enlargement of spleen poses the danger of spleen rupture because of pressure. Therefore, one must get health check up if any symptom is suspected.

Causes of Spleen Enlargement : Spleen may enlarge because of being overactive . It can happen because of an underlying infection that has reached the spleen. Sometimes, even injury or stress to the spleen may cause it to enlarge. This van happen to people who play a lot of sports. Anemia is also a cause of spleen enlargement. Malaria can cause temporary spleen growth.  Liver health also affects spleen health.The pain that most of us feel in the sides while running is generally a spleen pain. You must have felt this kind of side cramp is pretty intense pain however this is normal and affects most people. But, spleen pain when you are not exercising is usually an indication of spleen problem. Medical care is needed to correct a spleen condition. After you have gotten well , try to resume exercise as it helps to strengthen the spleen. A healthy body promotes better flow of lymph. Stretching is also a good way to prevent lymph clots and keep the spleen in good health.


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