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Stuffy Nose At Night : Why Does It Happen, Remedies. Stuffy Nose at night can be a menace and stop you from sleeping. For some people, not being able to sleep because of a runny or stuffy nose can be quite problematic. There are certain things around the house that might cause a stuffy nose at night. But, most of the times, stuffy nose at night is because of cold, flu or any infection. Stuffy nose at night can be a big problem for those who are quite busy during the day and are unable to get rest. So, getting a long and peaceful night sleep is important each day. In that case, a stuffy nose becomes a big hindrance. But, there are some home remedies that work well to relieve stuffy nose and improve sleep.

Causes of Stuffy Nose at night, or even during the day. Why does the nose get stuffed at all ?

  • Cold and Flu : By far the most common causes of stuffy nose is cold and even flu. They generally resolve on their own but it takes time. If your stuffed nose or blocked nose is because of cold, you can try some home remedies as mentioned below.
  • Sinus Problems : Sinuses are small hollow regions in the bony structure of the face and the cartilage of the nose. Sinus perform many functions but it is important that they drain well. Sinus may get inflamed or irritated in infections or chronic illness. If you have a sinus problem, you may have stuffed nose quite often. In this case, it is better to consult a doctor.
  • Allergies can also cause a stuffed nose. If you are having a stuffy nose only at night with no problem during the day, it could be because of an allergy to some material in the house. It could be because of sheets, quilts, blanket, pillow or even the paint on the walls. So, make sure that you change these covers and see if it improves your stuffed nose condition. Sleeping close to the wall can cause stuffed nose at night.
  • Specific Nose structure : Some people have a condition known as deviated septum, that is the cartilage that divides the two nostrils is not centered in the middle. It can cause stuffed nose at night if you sleep to one side. Try changing to other side and tilt your head upwards, not downwards towards your chest.
  • Dryness in the room : Excessively dry air in a room or the house can cause problem for our noses. You can get this fixed by installing a humidifier. Set it at a moderate level of humidity, not too moist. Another thing you can do is to improve ventilation in the house. Natural air is rarely too dry.

Home Remedies for Stuffy Nose at night. These are some of the tactics you can employ to get rid of a blocked nose, if the above tips didn’t make any change.

  • Take Steam : This is a common remedy for stuffed nose. But, put a few drops of any one of these ( Pine oil, Eucalyptus oil, Peppermint oil ) in the steaming water. This works very well to relieve a stuffed nose.
  • Take a Hot Water Bath prior to sleep : This remedy works for many people and it also leads to a very nice sleep. It relaxes the body.
  • Exercise Daily : If you exercise daily, it keeps the circulation improved. This helps to keep breathing mechanism fine tuned.

Stuffy nose among toddlers is a more problematic situation. It is important that you consult the doctor if your baby is not able to sleep profoundly and having a stuffed nose. This is even more pertinent in case of newborn babies.

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