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Sweaty Palms is a condition that affects few people all over the world. The exact causes of this problem are not known. But , it is surely a pretty embarrassing situation for people who suffer from it. Sweaty palms condition can also affect the entire hand, feet and other areas of the body where we get a lot of sweat like groin and armpits. Sweaty palms can be a distressing situation in the workplace and public places. People who suffer from it often have discomfort and can feel stress because of this. There are a lot of problems that can happen because of sweaty palms .

  • Problem in writing : People who sweat a lot on their palms and fingers can feel problems in properly gripping pencils, pen and other tools. Painters also feel difficulty in performing art to perfection. Sweaty palms can also affect children and they can have difficulty in writing. This condition can be a constant nag in exams. It is well known that sweating increases considerably during periods of nervousness or anxiety which can easily happen during exams.
  • Problems in Workplace : People who have sweaty palms shy away from handshakes. Some people politely tell the other person about their condition. Many others feel uncomfortable and shy away from shaking hands.
  • In Sports : Sweaty palms is a big problem in basketball. Besides this, there are many sports where sweaty palms can prove to be a hindrance.
  • Underarm Perspiration : People who have sweaty palms may also sweat more at the underarms which can lead to visible damp spots on the clothing. People may be reluctant to move their arms freely.

What causes Sweaty Palms condition ? Sweaty Palms can have varied causes but they are triggered on by nervousness or stress. In most people, it can onset just because the person is trying to avoid stress and this actually stresses him or her. These are the causes of sweaty palms and feet.

  • Underlying Disease : Sweaty palms can be a symptom of a few diseases. Treating that disease can help you to get over this stressful condition. Diabetes is one disease that can cause sweaty palms and excessive sweating in other regions like the under the feet. This is because diabetes affects the nervous system and that can trigger such events. Sweaty palms can also occur because of malfunctioning of the thyroid gland or the pituitary gland in the brain. Gout is another disease that can cause sweaty palms. In these kinds of sweaty palms, the problem generally starts at a certain age in life. But, a few of the people who have sweaty palms report that they have had it since childhood.
  • Genetics : It can cause this excessive sweating syndrome generally since birth. Genetics is a powerful phenomenon which has strong effects on our health.

So, now you may now “why are my palms always sweaty ” ? The best option would be to visit the doctor and get diagnosed. If it is because of an illness, sweaty palms would normally go away as the illness subsides. But, if it is genetic, there are some home remedies that can help. These home remedies and herbal remedies have been known to work for many people.

  • Sage Tea is a herbal infusion made out of sage. This tea may work to subside and relieve sweaty palms and all excessive sweating. Other herbs that work for sweaty palms are Burdock, Chamomile and St. John’s Wort. But, talk to your doctor before taking these herbal teas as they may interfere with medication. Meditation and stress busting activities can also be of help.

If herbs do not work for someone, there are more sophisticated forms of treatment like surgery and microwave treatment. However, you can monitor yourself to see which foods prevent sweaty palms.

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