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Teddy Bear Dog ( Shichon ) Breed Info and Names. Teddy bear dog is a dog that looks like a teddy bear. This unique look makes this dog variety very popular among dog lovers. The actual name of Teddy bear dog is Shichon . These dogs have a beautiful name and are also really very cute. Shichon teddy bear dogs are in great demand. They are popular pets of kids as they are small in size. Their size makes them much more compatible with toddlers and kids.

About the Teddy Bear dog breed : This dog is a mix bred between the Shih Tzu variety and the Bichon Frise variety. The name Shichon has Shi from Shih Tzu and the chon from the Bichon . This naming clearly represents the mixing of two breeds of dogs. The Shih Tzu is commonly called the Lion Dog and it is chinese breed. Bichon Fraise , on the other hand is referred as the Curly Lap Dog . The mix bred Shichon has properties of both these cute dogs.

Information about the Teddy Bear Dog .

  • They are small in size, fluffy with silky hair and one of the cutest dog faces you may have seen. They have these beautiful fluffy hair and they come in colors like white, brown, black and mixes.
  • These dogs look like puppies. They make adorable facial expressions. Teddy bear puppies are not that fluffy but they do get fluffy as they grow.
  • As far as their temperament is considered, they are actually peaceful. That’s why they are great companion for kids. Moreover, they are quite playful and mingle up well with people.
  • Teddy bear dogs are given a unique haircut , so that they do resemble teddy bears. This haircut is done once in a while, but it enhances their look further.
  • They have silky hair which is soft to touch. Like most other dogs or puppies , they just love to get their hair worked out.
  • They weight quite less and are easy to lift and put on the lap.

Health Issues with the Teddy bear dog : because these nice little teddy bear like dogs are a mix breed, they tend to be more prone to illness. They can catch cold, cough and respiratory troubles. That is because they have a small wind pipe. Teddy bear dogs should exercise a bit daily. So, take your Shichon out to play for some time, or just for a walk with the family. It helps the dear pet to stay in good health . If your teddy bear dog feels ill, it should be taken to the veterinary doctor.

Names for teddy bear dog . You can keep any name for the dog that it likes. You should keep a short name that is clear and distinctive. This helps the dog to discern his/her name from other names and respond to the call. You can also let your kids name the teddy bear dog. If you are coming short of names, I suggest you look for a sweet name from Chinese words as they sound nice.

Teddy bear dogs are known for their compatibility with young boys and girls. Well, they themselves look like kids. They make very nice sounds. Because of their popularity, there are many teddy bear dog breeders. This helps the buyers as they get to choose from many sellers. When you are going to buy a pet dog, it is important to take specific details from the seller. Ask about health status and any other relevant details that the breeder can provide.

The Teddy bear dog is a remarkable dog that makes your daily life more beautiful. They promote love, fun and joy around the house and among the kids.



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