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What can you do with a Nutrition degree ? There are certain specific nutrition degree jobs that you can take after you have graduated with Nutrition Science degree or any other relevant degree/certification in this field. You must be reading about the growing levels of obesity in many places. Sedentary lifestyle has made health concerns stronger. One of the most common health problem that occurs with people who are sedentary workers is Back pain. And it is also difficult to monitor diet in fast paced lives. So, that said, a dietitian or a Nutritionist assumes prominence . As a nutritionist you are not confined to pick up from a few jobs only. You can offer your services directly to people and societies that are in need of guidance. It is not actually a typical 9 to 5 job , more like freelance work.

What can you do with a Nutrition degree besides the above mentioned work. Read this list. It contains some of the most paying nutrition science jobs.

  • Research Scientist : Carry on your study in the field of nutrition and also get paid. Nutrition scientists collaborate with biologists and other technicians to work on research projects. They help to find cure for some of the most pertinent problems of our modern world and also usher in development for our future. The modernistic world that we live in is sure to change dramatically in the next few decades. A major change will come up in the health care sector which can also usher in new jobs. As a research scientist in nutrition, you can be part of this technological improvement and gain knowledge . Becoming a scientist for the government agencies or research organizations is a paying job too.
  • Editor/Columnist : You may be surprised to find this job, but nutrition and general health is widely sought after. You can take up job with leading magazines, news agencies and content publishing firms to write the “Health” , fitness or nutrition column for them. Becoming an Editor is quite paying as well, as you are not just limited to writing for a single firm/organization.
  • Child care nutrition : Growing children should be monitored regularly. You can work in government health care sector or offer private consultation to parents.
  • Cancer Nutritionist : This is quite a narrowed work. You have to cater to the nutrition advice needed for cancer patients. In such cases, nutritionist advice is highly valued and very important. This is a great job where you get to help people recover from cancer and live healthy.
  • Hospitality Teams of hotels and resorts etc hire nutritionists. Hotels aim to provide quality of living to people staying there and health aspect is not neglected.
  • Nutritionist for Sport teams : Athletes , sportsmen need to perform physically. You can become nutritionist for basketball teams, football team etc and assist them in having better nutrition. This is needed because they need to be in peak health condition or recover from injuries quite fast.
  • Nutrition jobs also include jobs with spa, government health care, nursing , teachers and even culinary consultants.

One job that is quite obvious is Weight Loss experts. Some dietitians are quite famous as they have renowned diets followed by celebrities. Naturally, they get media attention and fame. This is not the complete list of jobs that you can do with a Nutrition degree, some common jobs that have good salary. The jobs that you can apply for depend on your certification and what programs you have taken- that is clinical nutrition, holistic nutrition, sports nutrition and others.

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