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What do dreams mean and where do they come from ? Dreams have hardly any connectedness . They are most influenced by recent things of significance that happened with you . Each night we dream when we sleep. Some days they are intense and we remember them even after waking up . But dreams hardly follow any pattern or sequence . Still people search for meanings to their dreams looking for causes and explanations . That is partly due to some bizarre events or future events that we see in our sleep. Dreams are natural and a figment of strong human imagination . The dreams may mean or be caused due to the following .

  • Photographs : Our dreams take us into a virtual world. However the venue and surroundings may be taken from what our eyes receive during the day. We see things, watch movies, photographs and that is what can be mixed up by the brain and cooked into a story.
  • What you Aspire ? Dreams can relate your aspirations and longings to past events. Or it may create completely new events . Most of them will just be around your true desires .
  • What we fear ? Dread and innermost fears can express themselves in dreams. It is very common to have frightening dreams once in a while.
  • Daily activities :Dreams take up data from the biological clock and show your different events at different times of the day. That may be why day dreams are related to the latest events or upcoming events of the day. People in love experience romantic dreams . You may be required to be present at some place , like an exam . The dreams can be about that place or event . A common dream that students see is that their exam gets missed due to some circumstances .
  • Emotions that are suppressed are released during the sleep to maintain balance . Some persons are not able to express their opinions or feelings in front of the community . Dreams are the only medium where they can say what they want .
  • People see many things in their dreams like animals, video games , a new identity ( you become someone else ) , time travel, being chased by someone  and much more.
  • And then there are the really bizarre dreams . They are odd and you cannot comprehend how you saw such a dream .

What do dreams mean really ? It is for you to interpret . If you can remember the dream , you can take something out of it . Just recognize what you really want and go for it . If you dreamt about going to some place , then perhaps you really like it . Actually traveling to that place of your dream may be a good idea .

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