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What do macaroons taste like ? Moms who bake at home are intrigued by the taste of macaroons . This is because macaroons are very popular and known for their quality . The fame and praise for macaroons lures many women across the globe to make an attempt at making this treat . Macaroons are a confection and they taste Sweet . However some of the regional variations of macaroons are actually not sweet but they possess all the other features . The delicacy is native to French and Italian baking and well baked macarons will feel Crisp, Crunchy and slightly sweet. This is a light baked food however regional variations are there. The original classic French Macarons has almond paste, egg whites , nuts and sugar. Note the difference in spelling . French macarons have one less “o” .The recipe is popular all over the world with many variants that lead to changes in taste.

  • In Scotland you will find Chocolate macaroons which have the essence of dark chocolate in a macaroon. Dark chocolate macaroons are filled with the chocolate in the center . It tastes crunchy in the beginning and in the middle there is a chocolate filling which tastes creamy and smooth .
  • The Coconut macaroon is a renowned variation of the recipe. If baked well, a coconut macaroon will become crispier than regular macaroons . Just because they are crunchy , these macaroons are a preferred snack in America . But the recipe is even more complicated than a normal macaroon . It has to baked with patience to correctly include the coconut essence in the macaroon . If it is not baked correctly , coconut can cause a shift from the desirable taste .
  • The macaroon is also made with condiments ( like cinnamon ) which add a unique flavor and taste . You can try them also if you have eaten many other types of macaroons .
  • In Southern India, traditional macaroons are made with cashews and not almonds. A notable city where macaroons are a special treat is Mangalore on the western coast of India .
  • Some macaroons are filled with Ganache. It is a creamy filling in the innermost part of a macaroon, mostly made up of whipped cream .

It is quite difficult to bake a macaroon but you can still try to bake them at home . Be creative and you can make your own type of macaroon from the condiments and additions you prefer . Eat macaroons when you visit a place known for their variety of macaroons. And specially , do not forget to eat the macarons when you visit France . It will be surely delightful thing to eat over there .

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