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Wheel bearing replacement cost : how much does it take. When the wheel bearings of a wheel in a car get worn out or damaged, they need to be replaced. This is observed when the car starts making an unusual rolling noise driving up of 40 MPH. If the tires look fine and the treads are intact, then it is probably because of worn out or damaged wheel bearings .And, this replacement has to be done as promptly as possible. Because, damaged wheel bearings increase friction between wheel and axle which may damage the axle, costing you a lot more money. Now, wheel bearing replacement can be costly. So, one should do proper research before going for a replacement. A simple rule of thumb is that wheel bearing replacement costs cannot be narrowed down to an average. There are many factors that determine how much it costs to replace wheel bearings of a car.

Wheel bearing replacement cost is set by mechanics and engineers. It depends on these factors.

  • Firstly, it depends on the car model and the manufacturer. Generally, more expensive cars with costly equipment will also have a costly repair work. For expensive cars, wheel bearing replacement cost for just one wheel may go as high as $ 500. For even more exotic cars, it can be even higher. But, why is it so ? Well, there are two things in it. Expensive cars usually have expensive wheel bearings. Secondly, mechanics charge more labor cost for performing the replacement.
  • One would have to purchase new wheel bearings for the vehicle. They generally look the same, but there is difference is their manufacturing process, load bearing capacity and things like that. So, there are two options. One can buy the genuine spare part wheel bearings from the manufacturer of the car.Or, one can buy wheel bearings suitable for the car model as suggested by the mechanic. In general, genuine spare part wheel bearings are costlier by a margin.
  • The other cost is labor cost. A mechanic charges money for checking the vehicle, finding out which wheel bearing needs to  be replaced and then it is performed. It is a job that requires specific knowledge and more skills. It takes generally an hour to two hours to take out the old bearings and install new ones. Then, checking to see if the new wheel bearings have been installed properly. Mechanic can take about 100 dollars for each wheel. If the car is a modern one with electronic controls and other features like ABS brakes etc, then mechanics usually charge more price for replacing the wheel bearings.
  • It also depends on whether it is the front wheel or the real wheel.

So, what is the average cost of wheel bearing replacement for a single wheel of a car.

  • For common cars which have features like ABS brakes, four wheel drive , the wheel bearing replacement cost is about 200 dollars.
  • The cheapest wheel bearing replacement cost is about 150 dollars.
  • For more precision engineered cars which have higher maximum speeds or higher accelerations, it may cost upto 400 to 500 $.

Wheel bearing replacement cost as a DIY ( do it yourself ) : how much does that cost ? If you are thinking of doing a replacement yourself, then you can easily save about 50 $ to 100 $. One would have to buy special equipment for replacing wheel bearing, which includes tools to open up the components at the wheel, like adjustable wrench and other tools to take out wheel bearings out of their case and press the new ones in. There is also the risk of damaging newly bought wheel bearings. But, if you know what is to be done and have some experience, then one can save one the labor cost. So, the wheel bearing replacement would be just the cost of new wheel bearings.

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