White Blood Cells ( Leukocytes ) In Urine : Symptoms And Causes

White Blood Cells ( Leukocytes ) In Urine : Symptoms And Causes. Leukocytes in urine is not a cause for major concern. However, it is an indicator that there may be some infection in the body, particularly in the excretory system. First of all, let us know what leukocytes are. This is the name given to white blood cells in our blood .Leukocytes are actually of five types, and each one specializes in fighting a different type of infection. In case of disease, the differential blood count can show a change in the blood concentration of a particular leukocyte. One may have known about the “leukocytes in urine ” after a urine test. Another method that people is a home urine test kit which can show this as a result.



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There is one pertinent question. Leukocytes stay in blood, then how do they enter the urine. Well, urine is filtrate from blood and this task is done by kidneys. Dead and decaying white blood cells can be passed into the urine from the kidneys. If the kidney itself has an infection, blood will try to concentrate white blood cells in that region, which reflects in the urine test result.

The symptoms of leukocytes in urine are :

  • Foul smelling urine with a cloudy appearance ( not clear ) is a sign of elevated leukocyte concentration in urine.
  • Burning sensation while urinating is also a symptom, although it can be caused by a myriad of reasons.
  • Blood in urine is an indicator that leukocytes in urine are rising. Bleeding often occurs when the infection becomes severe.

What are the possible cause of leukocytes ( white blood cells ) in urine in men and women.

  • One of the major cause of white blood cells in urine is an infection. Often, it is a UTI ( urinary tract infection ). Women are more prone to such infections, but men too can get infected. In other cases, this is caused by a kidney infection ( one that affects the cells of kidney known as nephrons ).
  • Pregnant women can generally have elevated leukocytes in urine.
  • Interstitial Cystitis is a condition that causes inflammation in bladder. It can scar the inside bladder skin, leading to internal bleeding. Blood will rush in to heal the scar. Some dead WBCs are released into urine and leukocytes increase in number.
  • Injury to any part of the urinary tract can cause leukocytes in urine for some period of time only.
  • During passing of kidney stone, urinary tract often scars. All the while body heals these scars, leukocytes can appear in urine.

Normal levels of leukocytes in urine are close to zero. But, in case of infection, it may rise above the normal value. What to do if you have done a home urine test using kit and found out that you have elevated leukocytes in urine ? Well, the best thing to do would be to visit the doctor. It can help find out a serious kidney health issue early on. Then the doctor can prescribe medication depending on whether there is infection ( UTI ) or no infection.

If you suspect any problem in urination, then you can do a urine test yourself using a home testing kit. It can be used as a preliminary test to find out about protein, WBC ( leukocytes) , RBC ( red blood cells ) and nitrates in urine.


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