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White Gums Causes : Coating, Painful Spots and Soreness.  Completely white gums or just white spots, lines or blisters is not normal. In some people, white gums can feel sore and painful. White gums do not occur only because of poor oral hygiene. There are many causes of white gums. But, it is not a matter to be neglected. White gums can have an impact on your looks and confidence level. It may make a person uncomfortable and shy from smiling and laughing. However, white gums can be treated easily and the color of gums returns to normal state.

Symptoms of White Gums : If you have white gums, then the color of gums will be white. Pale pink color is not a problem at all and it is a healthy gum color. Some people develop distinct white spots or blisters on the gum surface and sometimes on the cheek as well. There may be a thin white coating on the gums that either goes away with scratching or doesn’t. It can also be seen as white patches. You should note other symptoms like breath odor, any signs of bleeding in gums.

Causes of White Gums : These are the common causes of white gums in both men and women.

  • Fungal infection : Fungal pathogens like candida can cause white gums. They are known to cause white coating on tongue known as thrush. Fungus can infect the mouth and even escape mouthwash. They can multiply quickly and cause white patches on the gums.
  • Gingivitis : This is a disease of the gums in which there can be whitish color coating on gums with swelling. It is caused by poor oral hygiene and also by lack of nutrients in the body. Vitamin C in the body helps to keep the gums and teeth healthy.
  • White gums near the teeth only : If you have white gums near the place where teeth join gums, then it just caused by improper¬† brushing technique. You can eliminate that coating gently by using a tooth brush that is soft. Try to do it gently, else you may scrape your gums at the joint which can be very painful and cause problems in eating.
  • Tobacco usage : People who eat tobacco products are at a high risk for getting white gums. Tobacco is well known for causing cancer as well.
  • Anemia : People who do not take enough Iron and Vitamin B 12 from diet are at risk for getting anemia. This disease can be spotted by looking at the gums and inner eyelids. People who are anemic generally have very pale pink eyelids and whitish gums. This is a more gradual change in color of the gums. Anemia has many other signs as well and it can be improved just by changing the diet to include high iron and protein containing sources.
  • Immune System : White gums can also be caused by the immune system response. Immune system is a complex and innate process and it can cause many reactions appear up on the skin.

If the problem of white gums is because of oral hygiene, you should start doing proper brushing, mouthwash and flossing. Eat healthy fruits which are sour in taste. If you have white spots or dots on gums which are sore or pain, or if there is bleeding and the gums have progressively turned white, consult a doctor.

Proper oral hygiene is important from a health and personality point of view.

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