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Why am I so tired all the time ? Is this the question that bogs the mind and puzzles you. Well, feeling tired for a while or so is common, but feeling regularly fatigued day in day out without any change is a sign of a health condition. Feeling tired and fatigued can be different from feeling exhausted. One normally feels exhausted after doing a lot of work. But, people who suffer from chronic fatigue may experience lack of energy and tiredness even without doing any high intensity work. If you have been feeling much more tired lately, or you have been feeling tired all the time, then it is better to consult the doctor. Most often, it is caused by some disease or a condition that is not serious. A simple sign of fatigue is feeling tired even after a good night’s sleep.

Some Causes of feeling so tired all the time.

  • Feeling tired after meals : This is a common condition in some people. One may feel tired and dizzy after taking a meal. Even taking sweet things like desserts, ice creams, smoothies can make one feel dizzy instead of feeling energized. This problem can be diagnosed by a doctor. This type of fatigue can be lessened with some lifestyle changes. Feeling tired after a meal occurs because of blood pressure changes and you can feel tired all of a sudden. A diet rich in complex carbohydrates really helps to alleviate fatigue of this sort.
  • Anemia : This is really the most common cause of fatigue in people, including kids. Anemia is of various types. It is as a result of decrease in the red blood cells in blood. This reduces the oxygen carrying capacity of blood and the cells receive less energy. Coupled with low hemoglobin, it can cause shortness of breathing in performing simple tasks. Anemia can make the head too heavy or too light. Person affected with anemia may also have difficulty in concentration and vision. Deficiency of dietary iron or Vitamin B12 cause Anemia. To get rid of dizziness caused by anemia, one has to take more iron and vitamin B 12 rich foods.
  • Depression : When we feel low, fatigue can set in. The body and mind are unable to feel enthusiastic or energetic because of the constant feeling of depression. This can show up as feeling tired all the time along with poor quality of life. Depression needs to be addressed seriously, because it raises stress levels in the brain and sends these stress signals throughout the body, which is harmful. Depression can be cured with counseling and re assessment.
  • Diabetes : This disease affects the regulation of blood sugar in the body. Diabetes is also a major cause of fatigue. It generally happens after middle age, so it can be detected if you have been feeling really tired lately.
  • Chronic Body Pains : Our body can experience chronic pains because of a lot of reasons. Back pain is one of the most common pain among people of working age because of job chores. This constant and nagging pain can slowly lead to fatigue.
  • Thyroid Gland Problems : Thyroid gland performs some very important functions in the body. If you are experiencing a change in voice, mild fatigue all throughout the day, brittle hair and nails, then it can be an under active thyroid. This condition is called hypothyroidism. It is also a cause of weight gain. So, if you are seeing your weight go up along with feeling of tiredness, go to a doctor.

Besides these common causes, there are other causes like dehydration, cancer and cardiovascular diseases, liver disease etc. In women, there can be many more causes of feeling tired most of the time. Chronic fatigue can also happen without any reason. It takes a lot of effort to get over this problem. One remedy that can work is to stay engrossed in some activity and not think much about it. This is difficult, but keeping the mind occupied with other things certainly helps. Chronic fatigue is problematic condition but it can be relieved.

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